Lake Argyle Cruises


Imagine living in a place where crocodiles outnumber humans; where you’re hours from the coast, but the sea is your front yard (an inland sea, that is); where flocks of birds can number into the tens of thousands; and where each day’s sunset has the potential to be the best you’ve ever seen.

When Greg began operating in 1999, he knew he’d never tire of showing this incredible part of the world to others. Two decades (and thousands of guests later) Lake Argyle Cruises remains the number one choice for exploring this magnificent part of the Kimberley.

Our fleet of purpose-built cruise vessels offer comfortable seating and unobstructed views, immersing you into the breathtaking landscape that the Eastern Kimberley is renowned for. Our team’s passion and knowledge, together with our fantastic products have earned us the holy grail for any tour company – a five star rating and Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor.

Whether you’re spotting for wildlife during one of our cruises, hiring a dinghy and throwing in a line, drifting across the water on a stand-up paddle board, or soaking in the magic of an East Kimberley sunset, you’ll experience the heart and soul of Lake Argyle with us, Lake Argyle Cruises!

  • Sunset Magic Cruise Ex Kununurra!
  • Sunset Magic Cruise Ex Lake Argyle
  • Canoe Hire (Full Day)
  • Morning Cruise
  • Best of Lake Argyle Ex Lake Argyle
  • Best of Lake Argyle Ex Kununurra
  • Boat Hire (Full Day)
  • Canoe Hire (Half Day)
  • Kayak Hire (Half Day)
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Hire (Half Day)
  • Fishing Charter
  • Boat Hire (Half Day)
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Hire (Full Day)
  • Kayak Hire (Full Day)
  • Birdwatching Charter



Name: Greg Smith
Phone: +61891687687

Open: 8am-6pm Daily


Commission: 20%
Commission to Agents: 12%



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