Back Country Bliss Adventures


Our Eco-Adventure tour business began in 2004 by a couple of ex. outdoor ed instructors, Barney and Michaela.

In 2016 Jason, Stephen and Margaret Heffernan bought the business and have  added their flavour to touring in the heart of the tropical region of sunny North Queensland. They now provide a unique style of personalised adventure touring for the discerning guest to the area.

Some of the exciting range of activities include… Mossman Gorge Adventure Day form Cairns and Port Douglas, River Drift Snorkelling and Bushwalking where other people don’t go!  We also specialize in designing personalised tours to suit your holiday and budget requirements including exploring the Daintree National Park.

Many of our activities have been showcased in various travel publications, newspapers and TV shows around the world including the hugely popular TV travel show ‘Getaway’, the Age Newspaper Top 50 Unforgettable Adventures and Australian National Geographic Outdoors Magazine. We can also be found in the latest Lonely Planet guidebook.

Back Country Bliss Adventures prides itself on its selection of remote and semi-remote wilderness locations, quality equipment, exceptional staff and the highest safety standards. We are also a fully accredited World Heritage Tour Operator and an Queensland Accredited Operator.

To ensure that you get the most from your adventure package we make it a priority to provide you with the most cultural and environmental experience available. We highly recommend partaking in our cultural experiences with indigenous guides whose knowledge and life skills are exceptional.

Our strong environmental philosophies and desire to educate and protect the natural world are second to none. We hope that you too will share this unique experience and help in protecting this wonderful part of the planet well into the future!

We look forward to your company on another blissful adventure.

(Jason and the rest of the wonderful team at Back Country Bliss).

  • River Drift Snorkelling
  • Mossman Gorge Adventure Day with River Drift Snorkelling
  • Private Mossman Gorge Adventure Day with River Drift Snorkelling
  • Private River Drift Snorkelling Tour




Name: Jason Heffernan
Phone: +61740993677

Open: Monday-Sunday 8am to 7pm


Commission: 25%
Commission to Agents: 12%



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