Mindil Beach Resort


Escape to paradise just minutes from Darwin’s CBD at Mindil Beach Casino Resort. Nestled among stunning tropical gardens overlooking Fannie Bay, our premium accommodation offers a truly exceptional experience in the Top End.



Phone: +61 8 8943 8888
Website: mindilbeachcasinoresort.com.au



Name: Felicity Lolias
Events Sales Manager
Phone: M 0473 624712T  +61 8 8943 8833
Email: FLolias@delawarenorth.com


Commission: 20%
Commission to Agents: 12%


Mindil Beach Casino Resort will offer the Client 20% commission when the room rates displayed on www.mindilbeachcasinoresort.com.au within the 28 days prior to the arrival date of the end customer for a particular night (not being the average rate for a multiple night stay) is AUD$5 (including GST) or more below the rate set out in this agreement in the Schedule of Rates for the same type of room on the same night (“Rate Parity Commission Offer”).

The Rate Parity Commission Offer is specific to room rates displayed on a MBCR Website and does not apply to any room rates or packaged deals that include accommodation specified on, or in conjunction with:

• eitherMBCRWebsite28daysorlesspriortothearrivaldateoftheendcustomer; • anythirdpartywebsites;
• anygovernmentorcorporaterates;
• any Entertainment Book offers and/or rates;

• any loyalty programmes where a membership fee is charged; or

• anyothermarketinginitiativesorpromotionaloffer.

To be eligible for the Rate Parity Commission Offer, the Client must provide screen shots displaying the rates, dates and rooms in question to MBCR. The 20% commission will be applied to the rates specified on the date the screen shot was taken.

When Rate Parity Commission Offer is applied, the booking for that room will be subject to the conditions indicated on the MBCR website at that time for that room.



Direct through reservations.



Rates can be found in the Share Drive