Kinrara expedition ( North West Outback Safaris )


Kinrara National Park is an oasis in an unsuspecting landscape.

Where is Kinrara?

250km south west of Cairns, 120km east of Cardwell, Queensland, Australia.

How do you get to Kinrara?

4WD convoy with Kinrara Expeditions, departing on a Monday morning at 9:30 from the Cairns CBD, returning back to Cairns between 2-3 pm Friday. How much land does Kinrara cover?

Including the Kinrara National Park approximately 70,000 acres.

Is there an active volcano at Kinrara?

Yes (kind of), the Kinrara volcano is the last volcanic eruption on the continent of Australia. This is estimated to have occurred between 7,000-9,000 years ago leaving behind an intact volcano with crater, and a 30km long solidified lava flow that can still be clearly seen from space. A dormant or extinct volcano is considered to be 10,000 years old or more. Given this, Kinrara represents the youngest landscape in Australia, it’s like stepping back in time to see how Australia was formed.

Comfortable private tents with decks

Each tent is set to your desired configuration, ensuring comfort for your stay. Appointed with deckchairs, the balconies offer commanding views of the lake and surrounding wildlife. Inside the tent you’ll find your rechargeable lights and head torches, bedding, towels, shelving and space for your possessions.

Hot showers for days

Our communal shower and eco toilet facilities draw marvel from guests at their simplicity yet architectural design. An open fire heats water while gravity from overhead tanks provides water pressure for endless hot showers. Our one true luxury is we don’t have to skimp on water, just relax and enjoy. Our toilets are self-composting waterless and use natural wood shavings, powered on solar.

Communal dining and lounge

As with most outback cattle stations, we eat family style along one or two large communal tables. With no TV or mobiles to distract us, we find conversation abounds and many stories and much laughter is shared. The central pavilion also offers many spaces to relax and take in the view, read a book, play a board game or finish a puzzle. A beverage is never far away, be it hot brewed coffee or teas, or a tart Gin and Tonic for that perfect accompaniment to the immense sunset.



Phone: +61 (0) 419 759 986



Name: Cathy Wharton
Phone: +61 (0) 419 759 986




Commission: 25%
Commission to Agents: 14%



Please fill out booking request form and send through to reservations. Link to form is here

Please use the follow link to check availability or you can contact res directly to check Kinrara’s availability

As you can see rate is $2695 per adult/teen and $700 per child (2-12yrs inc).  Single supplement is $300.

Booking terms are as follows:

Payment Terms:

  • 31+ days prior to travel – 30% deposit upon booking
  • 30 days prior to travel – Balance to be paid
  • If booking withing 30 days of travel date, full payment is required

Cancellation Policy & Refunds:

  • 30+ days out – full refund given less $500 administration fee per person booked
  • 29-15 days out – 30% cancellation fee
  • 14 days out – 100% cancellation fee



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Kinrara Expeditions
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