EMD Request for Groups & Special Airline Payments when no GDS reservation is held


EMD Request for Groups & Special Airline Payments when no GDS reservation is held

Airlines may request payment for groups or direct ticketing via EMD-S, without you holding an active reservation. These can be fulfilled by the FCTG Independent Ticketing Team, provided that the correct information & PNR data is available to us.

Most common types of EMD-S requests without an air reservation:

  • –  Group deposit
  • –  Group final payment
  • –  Direct payment for airline ticketing

    How to request the EMD

  1. 1)  Confirm with the airline payment can be made via EMD
  2. 2)  Ask the airline for written instructions including the payment amount, breakdown of fare/tax,

    required endorsements & EMD codes

  3. 3)  Create a dummy PNR in your GDS, see instructions below

    Note – even if the airline is holding the booking in their system, you must have a PNR in your

    GDS so we can issue your EMD and correctly invoice you, and for you to reconcile the payment.

  4. 4)  Add EMD Mask (agents via Ticket Centre), or add notepad remarks (agents via TP Ticketing

    Portal) advising exact costing & the reason of EMD payment

  5. 5)  Queue to your ticketing queue
  6. 6)  Alert us of the request via ProHub chat so this is prioritised. You may also add screenshots of the

    written airline instructions on chat as this is beneficial to the ticketer.

  7. 7)  The EMD is issued
  8. 8)  Once the EMD is issued, most airlines require you to notify them of the EMD number. Ensure

    you do this ASAP. If there are any problems we can generally void and issue again same day.

Holding the PNR
You must hold a dummy PNR with the group name, and a passive flight sector.

  1. 1)  Create a PNR, with passenger name being the group name
    E.g if you are booking for the Harlem Globetrotters, your pax name in the booking should be GLOBETROTTERS/HARLEM or similar – this is the name that will be on the EMD
  2. 2)  Hold 1 passive sector for that airline
    E.g if a Qantas Group, hold any QF sector in passive status, it doesn’t need to be the exact itinerary
  3. 3)  Add other mandatory elements for your GDS to create a PNR
  4. 4)  Once your PNR is created, follow “How to request the EMD” steps 4-8
  5. 5)  Once the EMD is issued & you’ve advised the airline of the EMD number, you can delete the


If you have any questions, please contact us via ProHub chat.