ANZ Fiji Payments


Payment on the ANZ account is for Fiji Payments only.

Payment Process:

Log into Westpac and make the payment to “ANZ for Fiji account”
Please make sure the reference is in the format of:  B1234JC NAN

Paying from ANZ

  1. Select Payment > International Services > Transfer Funds overseas
  2. Select from a Payee on the list or Create a new Payee.
    1. If the payee is not there, please click on Payment > International Services >Manage International Payee
    2. Add new Payee.  (If the payee name is not the same as the resort name, please add T/A.  eg. ABC company T/A Malolo Island)
  3. Put in your FJD Amount and click get rate. (This will give you an indicative amount.  Please do not enter this amount in Tramada as the approved amount will differ as rates changes by the minute.
  4. Put in Address of the Resort
  5. Country = Fiji
  6. Purpose of transfer = Trade
  7. Message to the beneficiary = Booking number only.
    (Please do not put the customer name here. Just use the booking number ONLY)
  8. Once payment has been made, please make sure you advise payment on the #payment-approvals channel

Exchange rate for Fiji changes every minute so you need advise payment is submitted in order for it to be paid.

Once payment is approved, you will be sent a PDF with the exact exchange rate for you to enter into Tramada.


  1. Click on Payment > Creditor Payment > Add/Issue Payment
  2. Transaction Type = EFT
  3. Payment to = Select the supplier
  4. Payee Name = ANZ
  5. Date of payment = Make sure this is the date on the ANZ payment PDF
  6. Allocate this to the vendor in the “Segments To Allocate”
  7. Click Issue