Amadeus CTCM and CTCE Mandated Contact Entries


How to add an email ( SRCTCE ) or mobile phone number ( SRCTCM ) in a PNR (Cryptic).

The following SSRs are used:

  • SSR CTCE Passenger’s email address
  • SSR CTCM Passenger’s mobile number

How to add an email address as airline contact information (SRCTCE)

Some characters of the email address must be replaced for the SRCTCE information to be correctly transferred to the airline:

  • // (double slash) replaces the @ (at sign)
  • .. (double dot) replaces the _ (underscore)
  • ./ (dot slash) replaces the – (dash)



How to add a mobile phone as airline contact information (SRCTCM)

To add a mobile phone and transfer the information to the airline, enter, for example:

SR CTCM-61401234234/AU